Learning Activity - Nation Relationships

Nation Relationships Presentation/Video Sharing

Below is a list of events that occurred in Canada that are often left out of history classes or not discussed in current news coverage. These events all relate to Nation to Nation relationships between Canada and Indigenous nations.

Students can search for articles, information, or videos on these events and compile a slideshow that they can share and present to the class or directly to the teacher. This can be done as a group or individually. Additionally there are examples of Nation to Nation that can also be researched and presented on by students to share that contrast between Nation to Nation and Nation vs Nation. 

Nation vs Nation Events:

  • Oka Crisis/Oka Resistance 
  • Ipperwash Crisis
  • Burnt Church Crisis
  • Gustafsen Lake Incident
  • Mi’kmaq Lobster Dispute
  • Wet’suwet’en Pipeline Protest

Nation to Nation Events:

  • Robinson-Huron Annuities Case
  • Métis Nation of Ontario Self-Government Agreement
Learning Activity - Nation Relationships