Shingwauk Reunions

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Group photo at the Shingwauk 1981 Reunion. Shingwauk Residential Schools Centre.

The first Shingwauk reunion was designed as a school reunion, inviting people to connect with each other and come together. The Shingwauk reunion was the beginning of the founding of the Children of Shingwauk Alumni Association and the start of the Shingwauk Residential Schools Centre archives.  

Shirley Horn, a Residential School Survivor, discusses the impacts the Shingwauk Reunions had on her and other Residential School Survivors.

Document Spotlight- 1981 Shingwauk Reunion Agenda 

The following document shows an agenda for the first Shingwauk Reunion of 1981, which lasted three days and was filled with events for the Survivors of the Residential School and their families. Events included ceremonies like the tree planting, feast, local entertainment, a group picture, open house of the school, coffee get together, banquet, dance, a PowWow, Chapel service, and a picnic.